Mongol Rally 2013

Tomorrow I’m heading off with three great mates as team ThereAndBactrian on a 10,000 mile adventure to Mongolia in what’s known as the Mongol Rally.

In a (long) sentence, the rally is a ridiculously crazy adventure to travel some one-third of the way around the world over some of the world’s toughest terrain from London to Mongolia and raise a whole heap of cash for charity in the process. The mode of transport you use to get there is up to you (some people do it in ambulances, others on motorbikes) as is the route you take and the amount of time you take to get there.

While there are “Celebratory Welcome” parties in Ulaanbaatar four, five and six weeks after the event kicks off, some teams decide to race and have done it in just seven days while others have taken three months. Given work commitments, we’re planning (well, more hoping) to arrive in time for the last party.

To read more about the team, where the team name comes from and our planned route through largely the Stans, please see the two blogs I wrote below (these originally appeared on our team website):

What is this Mongol Rally you speak of?

And how exactly does one get to Mongolia?!

We’ll be blogging on route as much as we can and posting pictures and videos as often as we can so please follow us on our team website or on our facebook page. I’ll also be posting to this site too!

Let’s go find those Bactrian camels!


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