Cambodia’s amazing Angkor Wat

After hearing so much about Angkor Wat, it was quite surreal to visit. While Angkor Wat, the main temple, is of course incredibly beautiful and impressive, my favourites were definitely the Bayon and Jungle Temples. The Bayon is decorated with 216 enormous, smiling faces, each of which has piercing eyes that feel like they’re looking right through,  while the Jungle temple is as its name implies – a temple who’s walls are locked in the embrace of trees & where moss, plants, shrubs and the like spout from all walls and roofs.

Cycling around on my mini bike!

If you have the time, buy the three-day pass, rent bikes and cycle around –  it’s great fun when one has the time to laze under a tree during the hottest part of the day so don’t try see it all in one day if you are able. Bikes can be hired in town for $1 though you definitely get what you pay for!

The bikes didn’t get us home!

I’d also recommend going anti-clockwise to avoid the crowds, so start at the Jungle Temple, while if you do only have one day, if you buy it the night before you’re able to go in that evening for sunset and the next day.

Siem Riep is a super tow to spend a few days, with lots of people about, and I highly recommend staying at Garden Village with their $1 dorm beds, 50c beers and an open rooftop terrace that invites one to spend far longer in town that one had planned.


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