A weekend in Seville

The beautiful Plaza de Espana
The beautiful Plaza de Espana

As I’ve said before, one of the reasons I love living in London is it’s central location and the ability to pop over to Europe easily and inexpensively for weekends away.  A few weeks ago, I headed to Spain and the capital of, and largest city in, Andalusia – Seville.

Seville is by no means a huge ‘see the sights’ city. While there are definitely some great things to see; including the imposing Catredal y Giralda, the beautiful Plaza de Espana and the new-age wooden structure Metropol Parasol, to my mind it’s more about wandering around enjoying some of Europe’s warmest weather and, in my experience, cheapest food.

I really enjoy the Tapas culture and with plates starting at €2, 50, one can snack just about all day. Something we saw on most menus which is incredibly delicious is melted goat’s cheese. Served on warm toast, the cheese is melted too absolute perfection and drizzled with various jam flavours ranging from raspberry to apricot and strawberry. It’s a must-have!

A common sight round the  restaurants
A common sight round the restaurants

In addition to divine plates of goat’s cheese and Paella, which the city is famous, at all shops one sees legs of ham like the below and the salami and parma ham certainly didn’t disappoint. While on the drinking front, it’s much the same in terms of phenomenal prices with small beers starting at €1,20 and wine at €2/glass.

Spend an awesome afternoon wandering along the beautiful River Guadalquivir
Spend an awesome afternoon wandering along the beautiful River Guadalquivir

The city is small enough to be covered on foot and with frequent stops for tapas and small beers, one doesn’t feel exhausted even if walking all day. Be sure to spend an afternoon wandering the side streets of Santa Cruz and an evening walking along the river through the Triana area, which is rammed with bars and restaurants.


Both Ryanair and EasyJet fly to Seville, from Stanstead and/or Gatwick, while we found accommodation on Air BnB. To get into the city centre, catch a €4 local bus to the main bus station Plaza de las Armas.

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